DIY: Natural Dreamcatcher

Beau + Aero's Jessica Seaton makes a branch and feather dreamcatcher

Articles // Foam Magazine // 07/13/11

Jessica Seaton’s workshop is organized chaos- bones, feathers, beads and string wait patiently on a wooden table for her sculptor’s touch. It’s here that she crafts the hand made dreamcatchers elegantly scattered across the back wall of her Santa Monica store, Beau + Aero (which she runs with partner Baelyn Elspeth).

“Dream catchers are a sacred part of Native American culture that I always like to pay homage to and set an intention with my creation,” Jessica says. Here, she teaches us how to make our own:

What You’ll Need:

-Freshly cut pliable branch




How to Make it:

1. Shape the branch into a circle and secure with string (or with the branch itself, twisting it).

2. Create a starting point by tying the string and follow the circumference by tying the string in 5-9 points depending on the size of the circumference..

3. Repeat a second time in between the first round of ties.

4. Continue to weave the string around using the first web as your guide and pulling firmly yet gently to create tension and strength in the web.

5. When you are happy with the density and shape your web has taken, tie it off in the center and pull tightly. (Feel free to add a bead or charm to the web as you are stringing it. Traditional dream catchers have these to symbolize a spider that would then catch your dreams in its web).

6. Secure your feathers in place with your string!

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Go inside Beau + Aero.