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HOTT MT Talks X-Files and Breaking Into Dr. Dre's House

Lead singer Ashi Dala fills us in at Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Los Angeles.

05/03/13  //  Tuneage  //  By Christy Krumm


6 Dresses That Will Carry You Through Wedding Season

We're halfway through April and you know what that means—wedding season is just around the corner, and those invitations are starting to fill up your mailbox. While we can't help you find a date, we can help you find the perfect dress—we've been scouring...

04/24/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Christy Krumm


DIY: French Macaron Recipe

Our intern shows us her take on this elegant French pastry.

04/15/13  //  DIY  //  By Christy Krumm


Q&A: White Fence's Tim Presley Gears Up To Debut Cyclops Reap

When it comes to music, Tim Presley is, in a word, productive. As the mastermind behind White Fence, the psychedelic pop-style recording project the 33-year-old started in 2010, he primarily works alone, yet still managed to release three albums last year...

04/05/13  //  Tuneage  //  By Christy Krumm


Guy Crush: Rogue's British Babe Joshua Sasse

Five things you need to know about our new favorite TV villain.

03/18/13  //  Spotlight  //  By Christy Krumm


Get to Know American Royalty

The latest EP by American Royalty combines garage pop with a mix of rhythm and blues.

03/06/13  //  Tuneage  //  By Christy Krumm


Warby Parker's Class Trip Arrives in Los Angeles

Forget the aquarium—we're packing up for a geek-chic journey of another kind when Warby Parker's Class Trip arrives at a Los Angeles hot spot near us this month. The spectacle and shade makers are traveling across the country in a real-life school bus—complete...

02/20/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Christy Krumm


Urban Air: SoCal's First Living Bamboo Garden Billboard

Imagine this: You're stuck in a sea of cars, inching along as you make your way home from work on one of the busiest freeways in Los Angeles. The weather's warm, the skyline's smoggy, and you're searching for anything that can provide a bit of relief during...

02/06/13  //  Art Break  //  By Christy Krumm


Support Your Favorite Bands And The Causes They Love with Music For Good

Laura Ferreiro reports good music doing good on her popular blog.

01/25/13  //  Tuneage  //  By Christy Krumm


Enter Your School In Vans Custom Culture Contest

Trash your Vans, win big prize money for you school's art program.

01/16/13  //  Events  //  By Christy Krumm

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Christy is a FOAM intern and a freelance writer living in Southern California. She writes about everything from food and culture to dating and relationships. When she's not at her laptop, you can find her at the beach, trying out a new restaurant or riding her bike around Long Beach, where she resides. Her work has appeared on,,, Yahoo Shine! and Two-Handed Warriors.