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Aquatic affection

On a recent island get away to a fair dinkum blue lagoon, I had the pleasure of being a mermaid for a day. See more on my recent bog post. http://www.celestetwikler.blogspot.com.au xoxo

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Joya Del Sol

Jewellery: Celeste Twikler illustration and Jewellery Design Photographer: @Flavio Biehl Styling: @Hannah Ninny Dwyer & Celeste Twikler Illustration and Jewellery Design Models: Alisa @ Sabina Chuter www.celestetwikler.com instagram: celestetwikler_art_jewellery...

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About Celeste Twikler


Celeste Twikler is one of a kind.
She is an illustrator of quirky, comic characters that would be just as comfortable in a manga comic as they would in a Maurice Sendak book. On another, she is a painter with a talent for capturing the beauty of the fleeting moment and on her remaining five hands she is a jewellery designer and stylist with a passion for photography.
This may lead one to think she resembles some sort of multi-limbed Hindu deity, but thankfully this is not the case. In reality, she is a woman born with two hands and an unbridled passion for creativity.
It is the ‘unlikely’ that inspires Twikler and this is reflected in her work that is as easy to appreciate as it is difficult to categorise.
Her illustration work has varied from environmental and educational programs to artworks for musicians, murals and a whole lot more.
To date, her works have been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout Victoria, NSW, and QLD with overseas boundaries being explored.
When she catches her breath, Celeste Twikler can be found surfing or skateboarding around Byron Bay, where she currently resides.