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Serena Mitnik-Miller Presents: FOUND

San Francisco-based artist, photographer and surfer introduces a solo exhibition in Australia.

09/24/12  //  Events  //  By Samantha Negrin


Liberated China

What is black, white, and red all over? Liberated China. The brand just debuted its first-ever summer collection, featuring men's and women’s boardshorts, rashguards, T-shirts and accessories. Liberated China manufactures their clothing with an eye for “thoughtwear...

08/22/12  //  In the Curl  //  By Samantha Negrin


Blogger of the Week: Frassy

Each week we highlight one of our favorite bookmark-worthy blogs.

07/25/12  //  Spotlight  //  By Samantha Negrin


Q&A: Louisa Rose Allen of Foxes

Foxes is poised to be the next big thing. Get on the bandwagon with FOAM!

07/24/12  //  Tuneage  //  By Samantha Negrin


For Your Art Presents: New Artisanal Now

A one-day food biennial showcasing some of L.A.'s most prodigious foodies!

07/18/12  //  Full Plate  //  By Samantha Negrin


KCRW Live @ Who Shot Rock & Roll

A (free!) three-night outdoor concert series in the heart of Los Angeles!

07/14/12  //  Tuneage  //  By Samantha Negrin


Q&A: Surf Artist Jay Alders

FOAM drills artist Jay Alders about inspiration, pet peeves and quantum physics.

07/02/12  //  Art Break  //  By Samantha Negrin


Enter to Win a Private Concert with Girl Talk

Mash-up favorite Girl Talk offers fans a chance to win a free private show.

06/25/12  //  Tuneage  //  By Samantha Negrin


80%20 Collaboration with Trop Rouge

The iconic brand behind the original hidden wedge, 80%20, and fashion blogger Cristina Caradona of Trop Rouge have collaborated on an innovative shoe collection for the Fall ’12 season. Their line of shoes sustains the signature hidden-wedge and adds some...

06/22/12  //  In the Curl  //  By Samantha Negrin


Bonnaroo 2012

OK - so I wasn't lucky enough to attend the 2012 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival with headliners such as Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phish, The Beach Boys, Foster The People, The Shins and Dispatch... (just to name a few) but my sister was and she...

06/12/12  //  Posts  //  By Samantha Negrin


Recap: Space 15 Twenty Yard Sale

If the waves aren't pumping on Sundays, you'll find us sifting through racks of vintage, locally-designed and previously-owned clothing from some of our favorite designers and bloggers at Space 15 Twenty's Yard Sale! Lucky for us, the bloggers from Stop...

06/11/12  //  Backstage  //  By Samantha Negrin


Ends of the Earth: Land Art to 1974 at MOCA

A new LA exhibit showcases over 80 artists and projects that expose historical land art across the globe!

06/09/12  //  Art Break  //  By Samantha Negrin


The Diana World Tour

This summer the photography gurus of Lomography are setting up exhibits and workshops throughout the U.S. in ode to their Diana camera!

05/30/12  //  Events  //  By Samantha Negrin


Introducing Braced-Lets

Brace yourself for the newest addition to our summer arm candy!

05/29/12  //  In the Curl  //  By Samantha Negrin


Estuaries Swimwear

The perfect swimwear for bumming at the beach all day then hitting that chic rooftop party at night!

05/15/12  //  Swim  //  By Samantha Negrin


Chakra Alignment

I've been on the hunt for a piece of jewelry displaying the seven chakras for awhile now. Over the weekend I was in Sedona, AZ and stumbled into Sedona Crystal Vortex, a stunning metaphysical stone store. They carry everything from quartz to amethyst to...

05/08/12  //  Posts  //  By Samantha Negrin

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