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Channel Your Inner Chef with Four New Cookbooks

From avocado-based dishes to make-at-home food truck fare, prepare your kitchen for an onslaught of culinary creations with four of our favorite new cookbooks sure to make your mouth water: 50 Shades of Avocados Avocados are to the food pyramid what Christian...

01/21/13  //  Full Plate  //  By Hayley Decker


Paul Frank 2012 Sun Collection

Eyewear we can't resist

06/08/12  //  In the Curl  //  By Hayley Decker


Gear Shop: The Rail Grabber

Comfortably carry your board...at last.

04/10/12  //  Surf and Sports  //  By Hayley Decker


Herb Ritts: "L.A. Style" Exhibit at the Getty Villa

The Getty Villa hosts the legendary photographer's best portraits

04/05/12  //  Art Break  //  By Hayley Decker


Jamming for a Cause with Free People's "Heart Strings"

Some of us are musically inclined (and some of us are just looking for art to adorn our walls), so we fell in love with Free People's "Heart Strings" guitars. The company has teamed up with Rickenbacker (made famous by The Beatles in the 1960s) to create...

03/22/12  //  Tuneage  //  By Hayley Decker


Introducing the American Pro Surfing Series

Calling all Wahines...

03/21/12  //  Surf and Sports  //  By Hayley Decker


Four Adorable Bike Accessories

Pimp your ride with beach cruiser add-ons

03/21/12  //  In the Curl  //  By Hayley Decker


Instagram Coasters

How to transform your Instagram snaps into D.I.Y. table coasters

03/19/12  //  DIY  //  By Hayley Decker


Feiyue Spring/Summer 2012

The French label takes its sneakers for a West Side test drive

03/14/12  //  In the Curl  //  By Hayley Decker


Sea-Worthy Waterproof Favorites

Cute, citrus flavored accessories for your next seafaring adventure.

02/23/12  //  In the Curl  //  By Hayley Decker


Fancy Pants

Ditch your denim and pick up a pair of too-cool pants inspired by London Fashion Week street style

02/23/12  //  In the Curl  //  By Hayley Decker


Thomas Bexon's Old Faithful

Artful boards for surfers (or surfboard hoarders)

02/15/12  //  Art Break  //  By Hayley Decker


3 Yummy DIY Skin Care Recipes

Winter skin woes are an easy fix with three of Foam’s favorite (yummy) DIY elixirs

02/14/12  //  Get Pretty  //  By Hayley Decker


ManiaMania "Modern Utopia" Collection

The cult jewelry brand just launched their latest campaign—we dig it.

02/09/12  //  In the Curl  //  By Hayley Decker

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Our spring web intern Hayley is senior at Pepperdine and has no idea where her life is going after college, but in ten years she hopes to be doing just what she's doing now: living beachside, surfing all the time, and writing (of course). Oh, and she loves tacos and pugs.