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Youth in Pursuit

Keep those calves pushing, hearts racing, minds wandering. . .this is the youth we're talking about.

12/19/11  //  Posts  //  By Regine De Guzman


Teen Daze

These are the days we'll remember because of penetrating sunburns and the mixtapes we carried in our denim pockets.

07/20/11  //  Posts  //  By Regine De Guzman


Golden Girls

That day we explored this hidden California spot in Signal Hill. The places we ventured were unbelievably discrete and unknown. Living on the coast, we couldn't imagine to find somewhere so quiet and untouched. But it was there.

06/04/11  //  Posts  //  By Regine De Guzman

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From the Golden State, Regine Tanson incorporates juvenescence, femininity, and nostalgia through visual expression. As a high school student and avid surfer, she aims to document experience and the beauty it comes with through light.