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Cup Runneth Over With Awesome

Here’s a groovy lil idea to instantaneously make your life more abundant and rad :) We all know that there is incredible leverage in the power of thought… and that we constantly have to remind ourselves of sending out positive vibrations of the things we...

02/22/13  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan


Dude, Im so Zen Right Now

Meditation has changed my life. It has opened me up and allowed me to experience a world of abundance well beyond my dreams. It nourishes and restores my body and mind and has totally transformed my productivity and appreciation. Because of meditation, I...

11/05/12  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan


Hip Hop at the Museum

I love the museum. Any museum! All museums! LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) is one of my favorite places to go in the city. Not only do they have an abundant collection of modern, traditional and crazy insane art… but they also put on some of the...

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All within this past week I left my Star Wars journal at Starbucks, my cell phone at the house of the young girl I tutor, and I wore my shirt unknowingly inside out. By gosh I can’t even speak in coherent sentences. We have all at some point or another stretched...

10/28/12  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan


Ninja Capacity Gratitude

The fastest way to bring more joy into your life is to take a look around and see all the things you can be grateful for right now. When you recognize these things and feel good about them, it will springboard your life experience into a state of pure abundance...

10/16/12  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan


I Will Never Die

I have a tendency to make unique and nurturing relationships with people 80 years old and counting. For the past few months I helped Robert sell crystals at the (very hipster) Melrose Trading Post in LA every Sunday. Despite the 5+ decades between our ages...

10/16/12  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan


More Monsters PLEASE

Ummm this is awesome! The wonderful art of thrifting is something that I am getting better and better at as time goes on. Even in a small studio apartment, there is a lot of wall space to fill up with interesting pieces and character… thrift and vintage...

09/12/12  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan



Ever since I realized the power thoughts have, and more importantly the power we have to control our thoughts, I have understood what it means to have a free life. A life where you have the ability to get anything you could ever need or want. It’s real...

09/12/12  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan


Poolparty SWAG

What to wear... what to wear!?! Parties like the recent RVCA web launch at The Standard rooftop pool in Downtown LA are the perfect time to put together something a little crazier then your average weekend beach BBQ. Do it up girl!! Shorts- American Apparel...

07/16/12  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan



I love love love finding ways to make old items useful and awesome again (who doesn’t?!). Recyclart has been one of my favorite websites for DIY and inspiration for upcycling just about anything. Upcycling, by the way, is this nifty term used for turning...

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Smart is SEXY!

Yes, I said it, LEARNING! Learning something new, (anything!) does so much for the soul. All too often we put ourselves on auto-pilot. Whether it be in our jobs, our relationships and just day-to-day living.. we are not being challenged and it gets boring...

07/16/12  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan

To Be before To Do!!

My 30-day challenge of starting my days with a To-Be list... I have to admit that my Type-A personality peeks through my otherwise Type B (..and C and Z and who knows!) personality in the mornings. I often wake up with a mental “To-Do” list that structures...

01/13/12  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan


Today YOU are YOU

Wise words from the doc!

01/06/12  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan


A Self-Loving, Meditative, Do-It-Yourself'er!

*The photo here represents a HUGE achievement for me last year (my NOLS trip which I will write about later this month) and serves as motivation for my goals moving forward. I have a tendency to take the whole "New Years Resolutions" thing to a pretty enthusiastic...

12/29/11  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan


Make that Smile last through the Holidays

I travel a lot for the holidays, a lot. Not only do I fly across the country to see my family but each day I am bouncing from house to house, city to city. So much movement can definitely put a halt to my ‘Jenny Time’. My sleeping pattern gets turned upside...

12/21/11  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan


Love Art. Love Others. Help Ink.

Help Ink is a collaborative project with the top designers, illustrators, and artists from around, selling exclusive art to support charities. With each purchase of one of these cards, shirts, posters, etc., you’ll be doing your part to help charitable organizations...

12/21/11  //  Posts  //  By Jenny Heenan

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