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C. Wonder Comes to the West Coast This Weekend

The store opens its first west coast store in Fashion Island, Newport Beach.

08/10/12  //  Office Envy  //  By Lauren Allik


SurfAid Cup to Take Place in Malibu on September 8, 2012

Tom Curren, Lisa Anderson, and other surf pros confirm for the contest.

07/11/12  //  Events  //  By Lauren Allik


Refine Mixers Summer Soiree Brings in Latest Buzz

Introducing the world’s first zero calories, zero sugar, all-natural cocktail mixer.

07/11/12  //  Backstage  //  By Lauren Allik


Studio MDR Rolls Out the Latest Fitness Trend

The popular boutique fitness studio promises results without the boredom.

06/27/12  //  Health & Fitness  //  By Lauren Allik


Roxy Waikiki Classic To Be Held at Queens Beach, Waikiki

The all-ages Female Surf Festival includes Amateur Contest and ASP Professional Contest.

06/07/12  //  Events  //  By Lauren Allik


International Surfing Day Web-A-Thon

Landlocked? Tune in to a live broadcast from the beach.

05/31/12  //  Surf and Sports  //  By Lauren Allik


The Happy Beach Bums of San Onofre

There is something nostalgic about a Polaroid picture and the memories each frame holds. Combine that with a classic California beach that has been a surf mecca for the last half century and you have the Surfing Heritage Foundation’s upcoming exhibit, The...

05/29/12  //  Events  //  By Lauren Allik


Recap: No Shirt No Shoes at the Standard, Downtown L.A.

The No Shirt No Shoes brigade was back and ready for action on Saturday at The Standard Hotel, Downtown L.A. this past Saturday. The sun was shining, beats were plentiful, and good vibes (accompanied by some refreshing cocktails) made it the perfect dance...

05/01/12  //  Backstage  //  By Lauren Allik


From California, with love.

A girl's journey from coast to coast

01/27/12  //  Posts  //  By Lauren Allik

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Lauren Allik is our newest Summer 2012 intern. She's a sophomore studying communication and design at the University of Southern California. Having been raised in Florida, she loves spending all of her free time at the beach either surfing, taking photos, or just being a bum in the sand. She appreciates all of the music, art, and people that Los Angeles has to offer and loves exploring the west coast beaches.

check out her tumblr blog: