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Jenny O.

Listen to Jenny O’s single “Well, OK Honey” at your own risk: it’s addictively warm and impossibly charming, and you might find you simply can’t turn it off. And the video that goes with it? Well, that clap-heavy dance sequence in the redwoods just makes...

03/04/11  //  Tuneage  //  By Mandy Kahn


Ooga Booga: Yaosers

You'd never guess from street-level, but Chinatown's tiny shop Ooga Booga is a vibrant art world hub, buzzing with interns, band shows and general activity. If you're looking for, say, a handmade screen print by Chris Johanson, etched dice by Geoff McFetridge...

02/22/11  //  In the Curl  //  By Mandy Kahn


Book Club: Get Lit

After Claude by Iris Owens Though I dislike historical fiction, I love fiction that has become historical– that rare novel I'd savor anyway that now acts as a portal into not just another life, but another time. Iris Owen's After Claude– first published...

12/18/10  //  In the Curl  //  By Mandy Kahn


Le Bac by United Bamboo

We follow the collections of certain lines that are entirely outside our budgets for two main reasons: one, because we’d like to think that someday our budgets will magically expand, and two, because we’re holding out hope they’ll eventually launch a ready...

12/18/10  //  In the Curl  //  By Mandy Kahn


Hot Tuna Swimwear

Let's face it: mummies aren't sexy– but that's only because they've covered too much skin. Bandages, used sparingly, can have a whole different effect, as evidenced by the surging popularity of the bandage-style bikini. Australian-based swimwear designer...

12/06/10  //  In the Curl  //  By Mandy Kahn

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“On the first day of my spring break trip to Hawaii, I thought it would be wise to float on a raft before I’d applied any sunscreen. I couldn’t sit for days and had to wear an Amish-style cover-up for the rest of the trip. My friend Ann was kind enough to apply aloe to my, err, backside (by the way, thank you Ann!), and I still have the incriminating pictures to prove it.”

Mandy Kahn lives in Echo Park, Los Angeles. In addition to having been a guest columnist for the Los Angeles Times, she’s currently co-writing the forthcoming book, Collage Culture.