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A Life, Still

A Life, Still was curated by twelve college students, including myself, in collaboration with the North Carolina Museum of Art. The North Carolina Museum of Art asked college students to submit works for a juried exhibition A Life, Still to coincide with...

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so cal, I love you

Southern California is known for it's pristine beaches and perfect weather. This is definitely the main reason why I hardly ever leave my little bubble of Laguna Beach. I don't need much more than laying out at Three Arch Bay, eating Mexican food at Papa...

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insta ari

Here are a few of my favorite Instagram photos. I have to say the app is pretty addicting.

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Winter in Isabela

Puerto Rico is an amazing place to photograph during the winter time. Pops of vibrant colors everywhere and not to mention incredible, soft lighting. On my last trip there with my sisters in December, we took time to relax, surf, photograph, and explore...

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The Dream Project

I am still in the process of completing this series evaluating dreams. I want to capture the moment in between dreaming and awakening.

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West to East

A journalistic, dreamlike approach documenting the way I see the world.

10/31/11  //  Posts  //  By Ariana Davis-Tewksbury


My Inspiration

In my adolescent I used to be the girl that was obsessed with perfection and what people thought of me. I had this image in my head of what I was supposed to be. Always going somewhere, impressing someone, listening to others advice on who I should be or...

07/13/11  //  Posts  //  By Ariana Davis-Tewksbury


Street Style Challenge

This a collection of my favorite "street style" photographs I have taken recently. These photographs represent several styles I adore from London to the east and west coasts.

07/13/11  //  Posts  //  By Ariana Davis-Tewksbury

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