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By Jenny Heenan

Meditation has changed my life. It has opened me up and allowed me to experience a world of abundance well beyond my dreams. It nourishes and restores my body and mind and has totally transformed my productivity and appreciation. Because of meditation, I have cultivated such an unconditional love for my Self and for what is… continually creating space for an overflow of daily miracles.

The mind is constantly active. Always jumping from thought to thought, emotion to emotion. Meditation quiets the noise, giving you access to that empty space beyond thought, where true intention and desire lie. It leads you to such deep realms of relaxation, calmness and insight within yourself. With meditation you can tap into the unseen information and energy frequencies of the Universe, ultimately aligning your deepest passions with reality and making your life AWESOME.

I highly, highly encourage everyone on Earth to invite meditation into their daily routine. As with anything, it takes practice. Beginners often experience frustration when they have trouble letting go of their thoughts, although frustration is just another thought. With mediation, watch feelings and thoughts peacefully pass by like clouds in the sky. Don’t force any thoughts in or out, and likewise do not to follow them. Be a silent witness. You aren’t supposed to feel any particular way, just be. Surrender. Each session will be a different experience for you and some days may feel more difficult than others. It doesn’t matter. Keep at it. It’s euphoric, I swear!

Take this invitation to transcend your own self-imposed limitations and move towards greater levels of health and well-being. Here are some good guides to get started:

Meditation Oasis Podcast: Mary Maddux is one of my favorite voices for guided meditation. You can download the podcasts for FREE from the iphone App or from their website (I have them on my phone). My personal favorites are the Opening the Heart, Morning Energy and Chakra meditations.

Chopra Center’s 21-day Meditation Challenge… next one starts this Monday! Sign up is free :) My main man Deepak leads this journey and the intention for this challenge is “Creating Abundance”. I’ll be doing it… join me!

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