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By Jenny Heenan

The fastest way to bring more joy into your life is to take a look around and see all the things you can be grateful for right now. When you recognize these things and feel good about them, it will springboard your life experience into a state of pure abundance and bliss. Even when things seem to be going ‘wrong’, take the time to notice all that is going right. There is always something. When you’re locked in the frequency of appreciation, you’re letting all the great gifts of the Universe in… and the gifts will keep comin’.

Of course be grateful for the big things in life like family, health, etc… but even more so for all the sneaky small stuff the Universe provides us but we rarely take the time to notice. Try having a gratitude rant. I have gratitude rants all the time and I get so amped up on it… I’m grateful for my rad green vintage couch! Grateful for this delicious gigantic burrito! For my awesome pandora stations! For discovering new music! Grateful for old beat up Sperrys that I wear skating, grateful that I have a car and don’t have to skate when I don’t want to! Grateful for Trader Joe’s! Grateful for the awesome dude who offers to bring my bags to the car when I clearly don’t need help! …I could go on and on (as I do multiple times during the day) but I’ll spare you, and leave you space to have your own rant. And be enthusiastic about it.. I’m grateful for this huge pack of incense, hell yea! : )

Be grateful and be stoked about everything around you and life just keeps getting better and better.. the things you desire will come to you easily and effortlessly. It really is that easy!


Oct 17, 2012 at 08:45PM SydneyRides

Gratitude rant! I'm stoked on your style to keep the good vibes flowing. Grateful for being able to go barefoot in the winter, grateful for the ocean, grateful for discovering new street art, and grateful for being this burning sage. Yep!

Oct 27, 2012 at 05:09AM Jenny Heenan

Thanks Sydney! I am grateful for awesome comments from RAD people like you! :)

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