It’s Easy Being Green

In honor of Earth Day, we asked some environmentally aware FOAM friends for tips on how to be more eco-friendly all year round.

Role Model // Kayla Noriega // 04/21/14
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Photo by Graham Dunn
Photo by Graham Dunn

Here at FOAM we love the planet. It goes without saying we’re also big fans of Earth Day. But it’s important to remember the holiday is not only for environmental enthusiasts—and that it’s even better if you put eco-conscious efforts into practice daily. With some tips and ideas from professionals who make going green chic, cool and quite a no-brainer, we can all be a friend to Mother Nature, no matter what day it is.

Mike and Alex Faherty, founders of Faherty Brand
"Get a Klean Kanteen and stop buying water in plastic bottles. Buy organic cotton clothing (which doesn't cause toxic runoff from pesticides) and recycled polyester board shorts (made from plastic bottles). Use reusable shopping bags or paper bags—and if you forget, reuse plastic bags to put your sweaty clothes from hot yoga in. Buy fewer things, which means investing in clothing and products that withstand the test of time. And try natural soaps (we love all things by Juniper Ridge)."

Alexandra Swanson, marketing manager at Element Eden
"Reclaim, reuse, recycle and re-think. Before tossing something in the trash, think twice about whether it has another use—for example, pickle jars. I always use old pickle jars or almond butter jars as Tupperware or even cocktail glasses!"

Claudia Taylor, owner and designer of SurfMonk
"My best advice is to simply consume less—make good choices on what you buy so it lasts and is not disposable. Use non-scented, chemical-free soaps to wash not just your clothes (baking soda in the wash is a basic go-to!) but your house too. We use a ½ white vinegar/water solution with about 10 drops of essential oils of your choice (I can’t get enough of lavender). The slight vinegar scent wears off quickly but leaves a super fresh clean for floor, windows and kitchens."

Veronica Bosgraaf, founder of Pure Bar
"Make your own household items, like laundry detergent, lip balm and almond milk. And be more mindful of what you do and buy: I have freed up time and money by not buying five different shower products and seven different makeup products when I really only need two or three."

Shel Pink, founder of SpaRitual and
"Be in nature as much as possible. A daily connection with nature helps to calm the central nervous system, heightens the mood and clears the mind. Eat organic, non-GMO whole foods. And use eco-friendly brands like SpaRitual, which are vegan and formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP and camphor."

Elana Rosenblatt, producer at The Reformation
"Use reusable mason jars in the office instead of trashing paper cups every day, and opt for energy-efficient office supplies and light bulbs. The textile industry is responsible for pumping out 2.5 billion tons of wastewater per year. By using deadstock fabrics, we don’t need to add another drop. We’re trying to lessen the blow by using fabric that already exists, because we heart dolphins."

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