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Meet the reigning diva of deadpan comedy, Aubrey Plaza—now on screens both big and small.

Features // Scott Huver // 10/28/13
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“I love any weird anything,” says actress Aubrey Plaza, discussing the singular joy of awkward situations over coffee on a Sunday morning at a laid-back restaurant on LA’s Eastside. The 29-year-old—whose delicate, fresh-faced beauty contrasts deliriously with her blunt, deadpan delivery—is dressed so normal it takes two passes through the eatery to spot her. But Plaza’s ability to embrace the offbeat and unexpected ensures she can attract attention whenever she wants it, a trait that started as a kid growing up in Delaware when she would pull bizarre stunts to startle drivers from the backseat of her parents’ car. And it continues to his day, especially in the sixth season of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, where she serves up stop-you-in-your-tracks sarcasm as the over-it April Ludgate.

“A lot of people who come up to me and say they’re fans of mine are weirdos—which I like,” she says of her admirers, who are frequently eager to have her rip into them with a withering one-liner. “I get to say what I really want to say,” she adds with a hint of pride and mischievousness. “I feel like I have the kind of personality where I can get away with things.”

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Originally published in December 2013

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