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Michelle Madsen of Take Aim stole our sartorial hearts—get to know our new Trend Alert blogger!

Guest Blog // Johnie Gall // 02/18/13
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Michelle Madsen of Take Aim.
Michelle Madsen of Take Aim.
Michelle Madsen of Take Aim.
Michelle Madsen of Take Aim.

Last month, we teamed up with Planet Blue and embarked on a digital search to find our next Trend Alert blogger. With so many incredible entries, it wasn't easy, but we narrowed it down and chose a winner whose style embodied all the fashion influences we love: Fashion, Ocean, Art and Music. Meet Michelle Madsen of Take Aim now:

Name: Michelle Madsen
Hometown: Los Angeles

What prompted you to start a blog?
I started falling in love with fashion shortly after my husband and I took our T-shirt and jewelry line to wholesale shows like Magic, Bread and Butter, and Agenda. I loved meeting designers and discovering new brands that were doing something unique. I decided I wanted to share my love and creativity in fashion through a blog, where I could do reviews on brands, designers, stores and day-to-day fashionistas that are choosing to TAKE AIM and do something they love.

What's been the most exciting opportunity you've had as a blogger?
First off, I am so excited to be working with both FOAM and Planet Blue. I've had the opportunity to participate in The Fabric of Our Live's 24 Hour Runway show contest. I did not make it to the finals but was honored to be chosen as one of eight people to represent the Western region of the United States. I've also been able to work with designers of brands like Miista Shoes, Vanessa Mooney, Daniel Wellington, T-sqaud and many more. This is one of my favorite things to do—write a feature on people that I really admire. I also have big hopes of attending New York Fashion Week in the fall.

Describe your personal style—what pieces do you love incorporating info outfits?
I really like to mix different styles on a day-to-day basis. One day might be leather and studs and next day could be a flowery dress. I love trends as well, but I definitely want to stay true to myself and find ways to complement what I already have going on. Right now, I love to incorporate those little accents that make an outfit go the extra mile, like beanies, socks, layered necklaces or a fun print like leopard,

Which do you follow more closely: Designers or street style personalities? Why?
I do follow a lot of different street style blogs and I am very inspired by them, but I think designers are even more exciting to watch. They are the trendsetters because they are creating something new and inspired each season. They are really taking risks and potentially their creations will be what we see in those street styles.

What's your advice for developing a strong sense of personal style?
I do two things to develop my personal style. I'm always looking at, my favorite blogs, fashion magazines and "window" shopping through online stores. By keeping my eyes on those outlets, I'm able to quickly recognize what I love and filter out what I don't like as much. When you stay on top of your research, it's easy to develop a personal sense of like and dislike. Secondly, I set a budget when I shop. This does more than keep me from spending every dime I have on clothes—it makes choose the items that I really love and that are totally me.

Who do you look up to in terms of style?
My favorite bloggers to follow are One of Each, Sincerely Jules, Natalie Off Duty, Flashes of Style, Olivia Taylor, Ordinary People and Song of Style. They are all so different in terms of their personal style but what makes me look up to them is that they are all very true to themselves and unique within their genres.

Who would you want to swap closets with if you had the chance?
I think it would have to be Julie of Sincerely Jules. She has so many classics but always has that one piece that makes an outfit so fresh and memorable.

What's something surprising about you we wouldn't know from checking out your blog?
I live in the warehouse district of downtown LA, literally in Skid Row between streets of seafood business. My husband and I live in the second floor of our warehouse where we run our company Love Nail Tree. I absolutely love my loft, my city, my husband and our dog Austin.

What are your favorite trends right now?
Chunky white sandals, sandals with socks, overalls, sneakers, bell bottoms, furry leopard coats and messy ombre hair.

In an alternate reality, you'd be an ________.
Aspiring dancer, living in the heart of New York and trying to make it to Broadway.

Keep an eye out for Michelle's upcoming Trend Alert articles!

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