Art of the Matter: Langley Fox Hemingway

Whether with an architectural form, an abstract pattern or an inspired color combination, spring's most dramatic looks take cues from Impressionism all the way to Modernism. Model and illustrator Langley Fox Hemingway wears the most museum-worthy styles.

Photos // Sari Anne Tuschman // 01/18/13
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Zoey Grossman
Langley Fox Hemingway
Have you ever had a reading?
Langley Fox Hemingway.
Langley Fox Hemingway.
Langley Fox Hemingway.
Langley Fox Hemingway.
Langley Fox Hemingway.

Langley Fox Hemingway is a gorgeous face with a great last name (her great-grandfather is Ernest, mom
Mariel), but this model is no one-trick pony, nor is she one to rest
on the achievements of her ancestors. In fact, Hemingway—who professionally prefers Langley Fox—wanted to be an artist from the time she was a child with an affinity for drawing. Initially, that desire led her to fashion school, but Hemingway ultimately realized she was much “happier and inspired” by illustration. “My art is my life,” says Hemingway, whose influences include photography, Tim Burton movies and Edward Gorey books. “I focus on it every day and draw from home. I will always choose my art over a modeling job.”

Occasionally, her two worlds collide: She has done illustration collaborations with fashion lines including LF and Alice + Olivia. “It's fun to work with fashion brands because I get to debut my drawing talents and put my name out there as an artist,” she says. “It's also fun to see what they are inspired by and create something with both of our visions.” The stunning brunette works in several mediums when creating her illustrations, examples of which can be seen on the images in this story. “I feel like the work chooses its medium, depending on the subject matter, scale and paper source,” says Hemingway. “I really adore graphite and pen
but have also been using color pencils and paint lately.”

The talented 23-year-old grew up in both Los Angeles and Sun Valley, Idaho, and now calls the hipster-chic confines of LA’s Silver Lake home. “I love the pace of LA living and being able to stay at home every day [and] draw, walk in the sun and feel okay about not going out all that much,” she says. “I also like that there are so many beautiful places in such close proximity—all you need is a car, a couple friends and an appreciation of nature.”

Originally published in January/February 2013

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