Diamonds Are Forever (With Video!)

Marina and the Diamonds' lead singer might ooze retro '50s glamour and endless confidence, but there's a real girl with relationship woes and serious talent behind that perfectly quirky facade.

Tuneage // Jeff Miller // 08/27/12
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Marina and the Diamonds. Blue sweater: Stylist's own. Silk blouse: Vintage. Gray daisy belt: Vintage, available at Modern Vintage Today.
Marina and the Diamonds plays...

It's a warm Tuesday evening in July in LA, and Marina Diamandis—the charming, wide-eyed Welsh lead singer and namesake of the ascending pop act Marina and the Diamonds—should be ecstatic. She's recently successfully beaten off vocal hemorrhages; her second album, Electra Heart, has hit the No. 1 spot on the UK and Irish charts; and her first US tour since the album's drop in the States starts tomorrow.

But tonight, Diamandis and her band are the musical act on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and right now, the look on her face has transformed from excessive excitement to palpable nervous fear.

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Originally published in October/November 2012

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