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Kim took time off from curating the new Project Urban Renewal store to show us some work week outfits that would make anyone PUR

Street Style // Angelica Bonomo // 12/05/11
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Angelica Bonomo
Kimberly Bruckbauer of PUR
Kimberly Bruckbauer of PUR
Kimberly Bruckbauer of PUR
Kimberly Bruckbauer of PUR
Kimberly Bruckbauer of PUR
Kimberly Bruckbauer of PUR

The Girl: Kimberly Bruckbauer
The Shop: Project Urban Renewal
Where We Spotted Her: Space 15 Twenty

It's no suprise that we loved the "Cafe Tropical" story Kimberly Bruckbauer styled for us this year. After all, as a former Urban Outfitter's catalog stylist, Kimberly has mastered the ablity to put a wow-worthy outfit together. Here, Kim shows us some of her favorite work week looks and chats about her new role as overseer of Project Urban Renewal at Space 15 Twenty.

How did you get into styling?
I got into styling by working as a merchandiser for Urban Outfitters. Changing outfits on 30 plus mannequins every week in the store and being around talented people every day really strengthened my outfitting skills.

Describe your personal style.
Sometimes I just want to wear all black and other days I want to dress like a fairy princess. I love color and patterns, usually the crazier the better. I will wear almost anything.

What is Project Urban Renewal(PUR)?
(PUR) Project Urban Renewal is a unique vintage shopping experience at Space 15Twenty. I bought all of the vintage clothes and accessories from different collectors on Etsy, from all over the U.S. and Canada. The clothing is grouped in the store by each seller, so they have their own vintage collection that I curated. All of the pieces were chosen for their uniqueness and wearability.

What makes PUR different then other vintage stores?
It’s like shopping from a friends closet, and that is what I love about it! It is also an opportunity for the Etsy sellers to show their pieces in a brick and mortar space and promote themselves, whereas before they were maybe only selling online.

Top five pieces in your closet right now?
1. Pink satin peep toe heels with a huge puffy rose on the toe
2. A ruffly white top and matching skirt that I look like a cream puff in
3. My jean jacket with a huge piece of fur sewn on the back of it
4. My ugly jeans collection
5. A really worn-in black motorcycle print tee shirt.

Best style advice you ever got?
If someone doesn’t like your outfit they are just jealous.

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