Environsax X Surfrider Reusable Bags

Save our waterways with sacks you'll actually want to be seen around town with.

Articles // Johnie Gall // 01/31/12

Environsax X Surfrider Foundation limited edition

Environsax X Surfrider Foundation limited edition

If you live in Southern California, chances are you’ve already had an “ugh, I forgot my reusable bag” moment or two at the grocery store. Sure, it’s a pain sometimes-until we remember that “an estimated 100,000 marine mammals and up to one million sea birds die every year after ingesting or being tangled in plastic marine litter” (via the United Nations). Stocking up on reusable bags is a small price to pay for the health of our waterways, especially when there are beautiful options like the water-inspired limited edition bags from Environsax and the Surfrider Foundation. Designed using artwork from Surfrider supports Ned Evans, Robb Havassy and Melinda Morey, each bag comes with its own stuff sack for easy storage in your purse or glovebox. Environsax will donate 50 cents from each bag purchased to the Surfrider Foundation’s Rise About Plastics campaign.

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