DIY: Bandeau Bikini

Aimee Santos of revamped a bandeau bikini with racerback straps and a bow front

Articles // Foam Magazine // 08/08/11

What you'll need

What you'll need

What You’ll Need:

– A bandeau swim top (we used one from Roxy!)

– scissors

– extra swimsuit fabric

– needle and thread

– measuring tape

– ribbon

How To Make It:

1. Cut the extra swimsuit fabric into 1/4 inch-3/8 inch strips. A total of six strips are needed; three must be at least 24 inches in length, and the other three must be at least nine inches in length.

2. Hand sew the three strips at one end, and do the same for the three nine inch strips.

3. Braid the strips until they are 23 inches and eight inches in length. Hand sew ends and cut excess.

4. Take the 23 inch braid and hand sew each end to the inner front of the bandeau, about two and a half inches away from the side seam.

5. Loop the eight inch braid over the 23 inch braid and hand sew the ends side by side at the inner center back.

6. Take the ribbon, about three inches in length, and loop around the center front. Hand sew ends together, and turn inside out to hide stitches.

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