DIY: Saddle Shoes

Giddyup! Ashley Baluyut of Milk Teeths and Three Feathers Vintage shows us the easiest way to own the country-club staple.

Articles // Foam Magazine // 03/14/11

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When plain ol’ oxfords aren’t cutting it, saddle shoes are a great (and comfortable!) option for your feet this spring. The ’50s throwback has been getting lots of play lately, and luckily, this DIY is wallet friendly and a breeze to get through. Here’s how:

What You’ll Need:

-1 pair white lace-up canvas sneakers (These can usually be purchased for less than $15- check out drug stores or places like Target.)

-1 small bottle black matte fabric paint (Hint: burgundy, navy blue, and forest green would also look cool.)

-1 stiff bristled paint brush (The stiff bristles are important and will make painting much easier.)

-1 black permanent marker

-A container to hold your paint

-Optional: Q-tips

How to Make Them:

1.Gather up materials and unlace shoelaces. Set aside.

2. With a permanent marker, carefully trace the outside of the shoe grommets as well as the shape of the saddle you will be coloring in. Saddle stitching should already be visible on your shoes and will act as the perfect guide for creating the shape.

3. Dip your brush and paint from the inside moving outwards. It’s easier to paint the larger, central portion of the saddle first. Once that’s done, go back and carefully paint the fabric closest to the grommets and the saddle stitching. If you get paint on the metal grommets that’s okay, it’ll get cleaned up later.

4. Check out your paint job and add another coat if you see any white canvas bleeding through. Also, make sure that the saddle paint lines are nice and crisp, If you see any “fuzzy” portions, paint the line again for a bolder, more professional-looking shape.

5. If you accidentally painted over some metal grommets, take a Q- tip and rub the paint out. Luckily, the paint easily chips off any metal!

6. Wait 20 minutes to let the paint dry.

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