DIY: Walnut Heart Necklace

He didn't get you jewelry for Valentine's Day? Make your own heart-shaped necklace with help from the crafty bloggers of Honestly WTF!

Articles // Johnie Gall // 02/14/11

DIY: Walnut Heart Necklace image

Erica and Lauren are a designer and stylist who always have our crafting fingers itching to recreate the fun and easy DIY projects posted on their blog, Honestly…WTF. For Valentine’s Day, they volunteered to show us how to make an organic DIY gift you can give to anyone (or stash away for yourself!):

“Happy Valentines Day! Did you know that if you cut into a walnut you get a perfect heart? Why not wear the love?!

What You’ll Need:

A walnut, drill with 2 drill bits, sharp kitchen knife, nail polish, and a necklace.

How to Make It:

1. Start with the walnut flat side down. Split the walnut down the middle with the knife. You are not cutting into the walnut shell, it is more of a smack, hitting down on knife to open the walnut.

2. Take the insides of the walnut out and flip it flat side down. With a small drill bit (1/16,) drill at an angle. Start by going slow and be patient, it takes a little while. Once the small hole is made take the larger drill bit (1/8) and enlarge your hole.

3. Next, use nail polish to paint the inside of your locket. Use clear coat polish to cover the outer shell and give it a nice shine. Insert a photo into the locket. The polish can work as the glue. ( We also used a small piece of double-sided tape.)

4. Thread a chain necklace or suede cord through the hole.”

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